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Mounting evidence that carbon nanotubes may be the new asbestos – new FoEA review

Carbon nanotubes – thin, hollow cylinders made of carbon atoms – look very much like asbestos. In 2004, the United Kingdom’s Royal Society and risk specialists at the world’s second largest reinsurance agent Swiss Re warned that once in our lungs, nanotubes may also behave like asbestos. Since then, a series of experiments have demonstrated that these warnings were well-founded. Now FoEA has released an overview of the key studies investigating the potential for carbon nanotubes to cause asbestos-like harm.

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Public interest the big loser in Qld nano debate

Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) and Friends of the Earth (FoE) today warned that tomorrow’s Science in Parliament briefing on nanotechnology, organised by Queensland’s Chief Scientist, shows unacceptable pro-industry bias and ignores nanotechnology’s serious new risks. We are particularly concerned that Queensland MPs to whom the event is targetted will not hear the full story on nanotechnology. Our joint media release is below.

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Australia’s first nano ‘dialogue’ shuts out critics, is industry biased

Australia’s first ever attempt to involve members of the public in development of nanotechnology policy is hopelessly compromised, Friends of the Earth said today. The Queensland state government has invited in industry representatives who have a financial interest in the outcomes and shut out civil society critics. Yet the public "dialogue" is slated to inform nanotechnology policy development in Queensland.

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