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Nano-silver products breeding superbugs, experts warn

7,000 Australians die each year from infections picked up in hospitals. This shocking loss of life is four times the annual road toll. Overuse of antibiotics has contributed to the problem, by promoting the development of more powerful bacteria that are resistant to treatment. Now, in a new Friends of the Earth report, leading microbiologists have warned that the rapid rise in household antibacterial products containing nano-silver could put more lives at risk.

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NZ report reveals nano regulation “simply not working”

A long-awaited review of New Zealand (Aotearoa)’s nanotechnology regulation has found so many gaps that nano researcher Professor Simon Brown has told the NZ Science Media Centre, "the regulatory system is simply not working". Stephanie Howard, Projects Director with the Sustainability Council, says "what is most striking about the study is the lack of serious response from Government."

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