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Industry steps up calls for labelling nano-sunscreens, cosmetics

Cosmetics and sunscreen industry group ACCORD has called the Australian government’s refusal to label nanoparticles in sunscreens and cosmetics "out of touch". In a story on Radio National’s AM, the industry has repeated its calls for labelling for informed choice – interviewed members of the public agreed.

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Nano research reveals massive regulatory failure

The Australian government’s National Measurement Institute has released early research at the International Conference on Nanotechnology (ICONN) in Perth  that casts doubt on the nano content of popular sunscreens. This research highlights the failure of state and federal governments to regulate nano-sunscreens.

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Nano-silver putting lives at risk

7,000 Australians die each year from infections picked up in hospitals. This shocking loss of life is four times the annual road toll. Overuse of antibiotics has contributed to the problem, by promoting the development of more powerful bacteria that are resistant to treatment. Now, in a new Friends of the Earth report, leading microbiologists have warned that the rapid rise in household antibacterial products containing nano-silver could put more lives at risk.

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