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Australia’s nanotechnology public engagement ineffective and biased

Kristen Lyons and James Whelan

Nanotechnologies are likely to radically transform a range of industries and introduce broad scale social, environmental, health and other impacts. The general public has a right to access information about these impacts and issues, and to provide input into shaping nanotechnology policy and practice.

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An early Christmas present for the nano team!

For the past year FoE have been calling for a Senate Inquiry into how the growing use of antimicrobials such as nano silver in consumer products is exacerbating the problem of anti-microbial resistance. And on the last sitting day of parliament our wish came true! On the 29th November the Australian Senate passed a motion for a Senate Inquiry to investigate progress in the implementation of the recommendations of the 1999 Joint Expert Technical Advisory Committee on Antibiotic Resistance (JETACAR). Public submissions close on 17th February.

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The Nano Sunscreen Wars

Shapeshifting stories and singing sock-puppets: inside the Government’s nano sunscreen wars

Kathryn Wilson

This is a story of an award-winning author who used his storytelling skills in his public servant day-job. It’s the story behind Australia’s nano-sunscreen wars. It’s about a smear-campaign — but not the slip-slop-slap type — dressed up as government research. It involves FOI documents that show a community group was a direct target of this campaign. 

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