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ACCC refuses to tackle widespread misleading conduct in the sunscreen industry

The ACCC has refused to take action against two sunscreen ingredient manufacturers, Antaria and Ross Cosmetics, for misleading conduct, despite clear evidence that the two companies sold nanomaterials as ‘non nano’ and ‘nanoparticle free’. Some of Australia’s biggest sunscreen brands were misled by Antaria and Ross and repeated their non-nano claims – including products such as Cancer Council Classic, Invisible Zinc Junior and Body sunscreens, Coles Sports and Woolworths Clear Zinc.

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Study suggests nanoparticles cross into the placenta

A team of UK researchers have used an in vitro model to show that nanoparticles may be able to cross into the placenta. The research team, led by Margaret Saunders at St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol, UK, investigated a range of iron oxide and silica nanoparticles and concluded that they could transfer “extensively” across the placental barrier model. The results are consistent with previous animal studies that have shown placental transfer and foetal uptake of gold, radiolabelled carbon, silver, silica, titanium dioxide nanoparticles and quantum dots. 

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