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Nano-silver socks

Socks impregnated with nano-silver promise their antibacterial properties will eliminate unpleasant foot odour. Brilliant! That is, until we consider the significant consequences that the use of nano-silver may have on human health and the environment. Nano-silver is used in a wide range of socks, undies, shirts and much, much more to kill microbes. The majority of the nano-silver will be washed down the drain after 3 washes and once leaked...

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Report shows nanomedicine regulation is inadequate

A recent report by Health Care Without Harm Europe suggests that existing regulatory frameworks are insufficient to protect human health and the environment from the use of nanotechnology in healthcare. The author of the report – Dr Rye Senjen from the National Toxics Network, Australia – said “nanomedicine is an exciting new field with the potential to deliver important health outcomes. However, it needs to be properly regulated if...

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