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Legal action prompts US regulator to regulate nano-silver while Australian regulators fail to take action

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has agreed to regulate nano-silver in consumer products as a result of a lawsuit filed by Center for Food Safety (CFS) in December last year. Meanwhile in Australia nano-silver products remain unregulated. It is good news that nano-silver products will now require EPA review and approval before they are allowed to be sold in the US. This is an important first step towards ensuring consumer safety. We...

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European Commission appears determined to scupper nano-register

In 2009 the European Parliament called on the European Commission to create a nano-register by 2011 to enable regulators to conduct basic risk assessments and provide meaningful information to protect the health of workers and consumers. Six years on, the European Commission seems determined to do nothing at all – arguing that an EU register for all nanomaterials would be difficult to achieve and place an undue burden on industry. The...

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National Academy of Sciences backs untested technologies in the face of climate inaction

What would a sane society say about a corporatised society that brings the planet to a point of collapse through economic and political systems based on endless exploitation, greed and growth and then desperately searches for ways to solve the problem using the same system? According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predictions we are currently on track for 4°C warming by the end of the century.  As Professor Schellnhuber,...

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