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Cloud zapping

Ok, climate change – and the lack of concerted global action – demands some radical thinking, but some ideas are beyond the pale. Geoengineering, the manipulation of the earth’s systems in order to address climate change, is crazy enough. It has been born out of an abject failure to address the causes of climate change and to insist on the behavioural and cultural changes that are needed. It is an attempt to find a technological solution...

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Permanently changing a species: What could go wrong?

No commercial or environmental release of gene drives, says Friends of the Earth. The National Academies of Sciences has released a new report, which calls for robust safety assessments for “gene drive modified organisms.” The NAS says the controversial new genetic engineering technology is not ready for release into the environment. These genetic engineering technologies under development go far beyond genetic engineering as we’ve seen it, and...

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This time FSANZ has gone too far!

Our food regulator Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has misrepresented the findings of two independent reports it commissioned on the safety of nanomaterials in food and food packaging. The reports were supposed to have been completed by June 2015 but were never released. On 27th May 2016 Friends of the Earth submitted an FOI request to FSANZ for these reports and associated documents. Six days after the request was filed FSANZ...

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