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A national discussion on gene editing is urgently needed

The Australian Academy of Sciences has joined a growing number of groups calling for a national discussion on a range of new genetic engineering techniques that are being referred to as gene editing. Our Federal regulator – the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) – is currently deciding how to regulate these techniques. However, most of the discussion so far has taken place between industry ‘experts’ behind closed doors. In...

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Nanoparticles implicated in heart disease

A new study has found a direct connection between the inhalation of nanoparticles and cardiovascular disease, once again raising serious questions regarding our increasing exposure to manufactured nanomaterials. The study which exposed human volunteers to gold nanoparticles via inhalation found that nanomaterials can move from the lungs to the circulatory system and accumulate in inflamed areas of the blood vessels. This finding was confirmed...

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