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CSIRO plans DARPA funded genetic extinction experiments in WA

A raft of emails obtained through a Freedom of Information request (The Gene Drive Files) reveal that CSIRO and University of Adelaide scientists are part of a US military funded global network researching a risky new genetic modification (GM) technique referred to as gene drives. The group have already identified six potential islands in Western Australia where they intend to use the technique to drive local mice populations to extinction....

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While scientists call for precaution and transparency, Government proposes deregulating new GM techniques

Scientists Professor Jennifer Doudna and Assistant Professor Kevin Esvelt will speak at a forum in Melbourne tonight on the need for precaution and transparency in the application of the new genetic modification (GM) technique CRISPR[i]. Meanwhile our Federal Government is proposing changes to our Gene Technology Regulations that would make Australia the first country in the world to deregulate the use of this technique in animals, plants and...

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