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Nano silver: policy failure puts public health at risk

For nearly a century, we have waged a war on bacteria. We have learned to fight off these ‘enemies’ by using stronger and stronger weapons. As the bacteria have found ways to resist the lethal effects of one antimicrobial weapon, we have been forced to unleash another. There is now a real worry that we may be running out of options to tackle resistant bacteria. The medical community has been turning to nanosilver as an antimicrobial of last...

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Nano and biocidal silver: extreme germ killers present a growing threat to public health

There is clear evidence that silver, and in particular nanosilver, is toxic to aquatic and terrestrial organisms, a variety of mammalian cells in vitro, and may be detrimental to human health. While undoubtedly silver and nanosilver have useful applications in the medical arena (for instance as coatings for medical devices or as wound care for severe burns victims), their use needs to be strictly controlled and the dictum ‘no data, no market’...

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