FOEA Emerging tech Project

Submission re. SCENIHR’s preliminary opinion on nanosilver

A submission by FoEA to the European Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks regarding the potential health and environmental risks associated with the increasing use of nano-silver.  In hospitals nano-silver is used extensively for the treatment of wounds, ulcers and skin grafts.  Experts have raised concerns that overuse of this important anti-microbial may result in the development of anti-microbial...

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FOEA submission to Senate Inquiry: Progress in the implementation of the recommendations of the 1999 Joint Expert Technical Advisory Committee on Antibiotic Resistance

As with antibiotics, the overuse of nano-­‐silver will promote resistance to this important antimicrobial. Already, there is evidence of bacterial resistance to silver in many clinical settings. Antimicrobial experts such as Prof. John Turnidge have warned that using such a powerful antimicrobial in everyday consumer products is not only unnecessary but dangerous.

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