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Nanoparticles in infant formula FOI briefing

In July 2017, independent testing commissioned by Friends of the Earth found nanoparticles in popular Australian infant formula products that are both illegal in Australia and potentially dangerous. Documents released under Freedom of Information laws show that our food regulator Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) unilaterally ‘legalised’ the use of nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha) in baby formula after previously declaring it wasn’t...

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The health impacts of nanomaterials

While the nanotechnology industry is growing exponentially, research into the human health impacts of nanomaterials is still in its infancy. As the industry expands so does our exposure to nanomaterials – in food, cosmetics, water, plants, and a host of consumer products that remain unlabelled.

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The environmental impacts of nanomaterials

Scientists are only just beginning to understand the potential risks associated with releasing nanomaterials into the environment. Despite growing evidence of potential harm, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of nanomaterials are already being released into our soils, water and atmosphere.

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