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Australia risks repeat of asbestos tragedy

This article is reprinted from New Matilda 22.06.09

"Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has described Bernie Banton as a “great Australian hero” for his tireless campaigning for justice for asbestos victims. But despite serious warnings from scientists and risk assessors that carbon nanotubes could pose similar risks to asbestos, the Rudd government is refusing to bring in new regulations to ensure we don’t repeat the asbestos tragedy.

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Companies failing to disclose use of nano for fear of consumer backlash

High-level experts have told a meeting of European and US consumer groups that commercial use of nanomaterials is going "underground", with companies increasingly reluctant to disclose their use of nanotechnology., an EU policy news service, reports that: "Finding reliable information about products on the European market which currently contain nanomaterials is becoming increasingly difficult, according to high-level experts addressing a meeting of consumer groups from the EU and US."

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Nano silver: extreme germ killer presents a growing threat to public health

Our report details the growing threat to public health posed by extreme germ killer nano silver, and exposing the huge number of consumer applications in which it is found. Silver has long been known as a potent antibacterial agent. However its use has exploded in recent years, not only in medical applications, but in a huge number of consumer products, including children’s toys, babies’ bottles, cosmetics, textiles, cleaning agents, chopping boards, refrigerators and dishwashers, available in Australian shops.

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