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Reports of FoEA’s emerging tech work in the media, 2020 (please note, this list is not comprehensive)

Ocean geoengineering tests violate UN convention: green groups,, 8/6/20

Victoria’s mutant cows, The Signal, 13/3/20

GM cows: Genetically modifying dairy cattle, Landline, 14/3/20

“No big deal”: modified cattle in Victoria carried genetic contamination, AM, 14/3/20

Mutants or miracles? ABC News, 14/3/20

Mutants or miracles? Australia’s GM cows, Background Briefing, 15/3/20

Reports of FoEA’s emerging tech work in the media, 2019 (please note, this list is not comprehensive)

Unity over bid to retract changes to Genetically Modified food, Maitland Mercury, 26.9.19

Debate over gene editing legislation heats up in wake of disallowance motion, Stock & Land, and FarmOnline 18.9.19

Reports of FoEA’s emerging tech work in the media, 2018 (please note, this list is not comprehensive)

Genetically modified rule change potential game changer for Australian dairy industry, Stock & Land, 4.11.18

Genetically modified plants escape regulation under new proposals, Sydney Morning Herald, 23.10.18

Could WA be the genetic testing ground for ‘synthetic mice’ to end mice?, Sydney Morning Herald, 24.02.18

FSANZ apologises to nanotechnology experts for misrepresenting views about nanoparticles in baby formula, Sydney Morning Herald, 14.01.18

Also reported in The Age

Reports of FoEA’s emerging tech work in the media, 2017 (please note, this list is not comprehensive)

Anti-GM groups criticise OGTR proposal regarding gene techology, FarmOnline, 16.12.17

Also reported in the North Queensland Register

‘Nano Foods’: There’s No Proof Some Of The Tiny Things You’re Eating Are Safe, New Matilda, 29.07.17

Formula nano-particles a hazard, West Australian, 12.07.17

Nanoparticles in baby formula spark call for recalls, Food and Beverage Industry News, 3.03.17

Study finds ‘potentially toxic’ nanoparticles in Australian baby formula, Sydney Morning Herald, 2.03.17

Also reported in Essential Baby

Toxic ‘needle-like’ nanoparticles similar to ASBESTOS are ‘found in baby formula’ – but regulators refuse to issue an urgent recall, Daily Mail Australia, 2.07.17

Regulator urged to recall baby formula, The Advertiser 2.07.17

Potentially dangerous ‘needle-like’ nanoparticles found in Australian baby formula, TEN News, 2.07.17

Formula warning, TEN News, 2.07.17

‘Potentially Toxic’ Nanoparticles Found In Popular Baby Formulas, Study Finds, Huffington Post, 2.07.17

Potentially dangerous nanoparticles discovered in Aussie baby formula, Kidspot, 2.07.17

Potentially dangerous nanoparticles found in Australian baby formula,, 2.07.17

Health Experts Raise Concerns About Baby Formula: Tiny Needle-Like Particles Found, TripleM 2.07.17

Regulator urged to recall baby formula, Sky News, 31.07.17

Gene editing is different to genetic modification, so should its regulation be relaxed? ABC Rural, 24.03.17

Titanium dioxide food additive under review, after study finds cancer links, Sydney Morning Herald 29.01.17

Reports of FoEA’s emerging tech work in the media, 2016 (please note, this list is not comprehensive)

What’s in your grocery shopping trolley?: the rise and rise of nano-materials in food, 3CR, 14.03.16

Reports of FoEA’s emerging tech work in the media, 2015 (please note, this list is not comprehensive)

Genetic modification debate intensifies as landmark Australian decision on ‘genetically-edited’ food looms, ABC News, 17.12.15

Also reported on ABC Breakfast and ABC News 24.

New GM labelling being considered by food regulator, The World Today, 17.12.15

Genetically modified foods could hit shelves untested and unlabelled, 7 News, 17.12.15

How to avoid buying genetically modified food, Financial Review, 9.12.15

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand’s aboutface on nanoparticles in lollies and sauces, Sydney Morning Herald, 23.10.15

Titanium dioxide enters blood from gut, study suggests, Chemical Watch, 15.10.15

Nanoproteins in food — good, bad or irrelevant? Foodmagazine, 14.10.15

Potentially dangerous nanoparticles found in Australian foods, The Manufacturer, 25.09.15

Concerns over nanotechnology in food, 3 News, New Zealand, 21.09.15

These 14 foods found to contain dangerous ingredients, Starts at 60, 18.09.15

Recall push after nanoparticles found in food, PM, 17.09.15

Nanotechnology found in popular foods, despite repeated denials by regulator, Sydney Morning Herald, 17.09.15

Green group intensifies calls for ban on nano-materials in food and packaging, 30.03.15

Reports of FoEA’s emerging tech work in the Australian press, 2014 (please note, this list is not comprehensive)

Safety stoush over safety of nano-materials in food packaging, AM, 25.11.14

Nanofood: Nanotechnology In Food, The Feed – SBS, 3.11.14

Friends of the Earth raises concerns over nanotechnology in agricultural chemicals and livestock feed, ABC Rural, 26.09.14

Safety concerns for nanomaterials in food packaging, Foodmagazine, 27.08.14

New food packaging could be toxic and should be regulated, Sydney Morning Herald, 27.08.14

Story also covered by 2GB, 2UE and 2SER

Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology in Food, The Good Doctors Health Podcast, 14.08.14

Nano sunscreen may be made dangerous by detergent, ABC Environment, 24.07.14

Report recommends strict regulation of nanomaterials in food,, 22.05.14

Renewed calls for a moratorium on all new products containing nanomaterials, PM, 22.05.14

Green group calls for ban on nano-materials in food, 22.05.14

Research continues on safety of nanoparticles in sunscreen, PM, 29.01.14

Sunscreen containing nanoparticles is safe to use, research shows, The World Today, 29.01.14

Reports of FoEA’s nanotechnology work in the Australian press, 2013

Antibacterial soaps aren’t more effective and may be dangerous, says US FDA, Sydney Morning Herald, 17.12.13

Espionage fears at CSIRO, The World Today, 4.12.13

Government nanotech info ‘unbalanced’, ABC Science, 4.12.13

ACCC under fire over sunscreen decision, The World Today, 3.12.13

ACCC rejects complaints over nano-free sunscreen, ABC Online, 3.12.13

Nanoparticles in tattoo ink, Australian Policy Online, 4.11.13

Epidemic of ink, Background Briefing, 3.11.13

Nanotech policy ‘missing in action’, ABC Science, 3.09.13

Nano Sunscreens Warning Flagged, Spa Australasia, 18.07.13

Nanomaterials in the environment: an unknown risk, Australian Policy Online, 4.07.13

Nanoparticles: miracle or minefield? Life Matters, 11.03.13

Manufacturer admits sunscreen ingredient is a nanomaterial, Manufacturers Monthly, 5.03.13

Safety concerns over nanoparticles in some sunscreens, AM, 5.03.13

Fresh concern over nano-particles hidden in sunscreen, ABC News, 5.03.13

Sunscreen company backflip on nano-material, PM, 4.03.13

Company’s about-face on nano-free sunscreen claims, ABC News 4.03.13

Save the silver for where it’s most needed, ABC Environment Online 13.02.13

Reports of FoEA’s nanotechnology work in the Australian press, 2012 

Sunscreen Makes For Greasy Business, New Matilda, 6.09.12

The Nano-Suncreen Wars, New Matilda, 4.09.12

Antaria shares slip on slap, The West Australian, 3.09.12

Green group makes big claim over tiny matter, 3.09.12

Green group campaigns against Antaria, Manufacturers’ Monthly, 3.09.12

Australian sunscreen ingredient maker attacked over nano-free claims, Cosmetics Design Europe, 30.08.12

Sunscreen complaint goes to the ASX, Radio National AM, 29.08.12

Environmentalist group lodges ASX complaint against Antaria, AAP, 29.08.12

Concerns about Nano-materials in sunscreen spread to Europe, Radio National AM, 01.08.12

The sunscreen cover-up exposed, The Canberra Times, opinion, 28.07.12

Government resists calls for nano-materials register, Radio National, The World Today, 25.07.12

Green group finds nanos in sunblock, Sydney Morning Herald, 25.07.12

More nano-sunscreen claims revealed, Radio National AM, 25.07.12

Second company hit with nano-particle complaint, ABC News Online, 25.07.12

Sunscreen concerns as nano mislabelled, ABC Online Environment, opinion, 25.07.12

Sunscreen maker faces ACCC heat, The Canberra Times, 25.07.12

Sunscreens ‘scare campaign’, The Australian, 25.07.12

Nano-technology questions spread sunscreen concern, ABC TV 7.30, 24.07.12

Claims sunscreen brands misled consumers, Sky News, 24.07.12

Sunscreens may have misled consumers, AAP, 24.07.12

Tests raise questions over nano-free sunscreen, ABC News, 24.07.12

Tests reveal 10 ‘nano-free’ sunscreen brands unknowingly use nanomaterials, Radio National PM, 24.07.12

Australian scientists share nanotechnology research with US military, Radio Australia, 2.05.12

Sunscreen guide recalled as ‘nano-free’ labels in doubt, Radio National AM, 10.02.12 

Nanoparticles in sunscreens, The Project, Channel 10, 31.01.12

Nanoparticles in sunscreens, ABC Breakfast News, Channel 2, 31.01.12

Sunscreen concern reaches into the school grounds, ABC Online, 30.01.12 

Why we need a sunscreen safety patrol, New Matilda, 19.01.12

Are Aussie sunscreens bad? Pharmacy Daily, 19.01.12

A press release we thought we’d never see, Strewth!, The Australian, 19.01.12

Hoffs turn out in force for sunscreen campaign, Canberra Times, 18.01.12

Sunscreen cancer risk, Today Tonight 03.01.12

Reports of FoEA’s nanotechnology work in the Australian press, 2011

Small particles make for big sunscreen risk, Green Left Weekly, 03.12.11

Consumers back nano warnings on sunscreens, AM, 01.12.11

Summer’s coming: Everything you need to know about suncare, Madison Magazine, October issue

Warning on tiny bacteria busters, The Herald Sun, 15.09.11

Call to curb anti-germ products, The West Australian, 15.09.11

Guarding against bacteria can breed superbugs: report warns, AM, 15.09.11

Environmentalists worried about nano-silver, ABC News, ABC South West Victoria, 15.09.11

Nano-silver in household products could breed new superbugs, The Conversation, 15.09.11    

Nanoparticles and sunscreen… the jury is still out on safety, Crikey, 09.08.11

Government opposed to nano labels: paper, The Canberra Times, 21.07.11

‘Nanoparticle-free’ sunscreen no safer than rivals, The Age, 21.07.11

Government advised against sunscreen labelling laws, PM, 20.07.11

Elle’s sunscreen maker in hot water, 20.07.11,

Elle sunscreen slip slapped by TGA, The Australian, 20.07.11

Ad ruling heats up nano sunscreen debate, ABC Online, 20.07.11 

TGA says no to anti-nano, AM, 20.07.11 

Nano sunscreen warnings won’t be mandatory, ABC, ABC Gold Coast, 20.07.11 

An invisible problem Channel 10, 13.07.11

Teachers restrict sunscreens over safety concerns, ABC News, 18.05.11 

Union seeks ban on nanoparticle sunscreen, AM, 18.05.11

Teachers’ warning on nano sunscreen, 18.05.11

Is sunscreen dangerous? 3AW, 18.05.11 

How safe is sunscreen? Illawarra Mercury, 06.03.11 

Reports of FoEA’s nanotechnology work in the Australian press, 2010

Safe sunscreeens for kids, La Trobe Valley Express, 13.12.10

Sunscreens may cause skin cancer: campaign, Channel 2 national news, 01.12.10 

Harmful sunscreens, Channel 10 news Victoria, 01.12.10

Alert over nanoparticle sunscreens, The West Australian 01.12.10

Stinky socks killing planet, Herald Sun, 18.11.10 

New questions about nano’s green credentials, AM Radio National, 17.11.10 

Nanotechnology ‘not green enough’, The Australian, 17.11.10 

The fine print on nanotech, New Matilda 17.11.10

G’s Guide to Sunscreen, G Magazine, November/ December 2010 

The skin puzzle, The West Australian, 03.11.10

Safety fears over $150 facecream ingredient, Sydney Morning Herald 06.09.10

Greens to push for register of very small things Radio National, The World Today 19.08.10 

Cancer Council wary of new rating, 14.08.2010

Breakthrough as artificial life is created, Sydney Morning Herald 21.05.10

Nano a no-no for makers of zinc cream, the West Australian 19.05.10

Tiny particles in skin range kept secret, say lobbyists, 15.05.10

A brief history of sunscreen, Outdoor Magazine (Australian Geographic), May-June 2010

Big issues with small science: nanotechnology, The Australian 27.03.10 

Regulation only skin deep, The Times Online/ Sydney Morning Herald 14.03.10 

Fears over toxic sunscreens, The Age 12.03.10 

Some nano-sunscreens come at a cost, ABC Science Online 08.03.10 

Nanoparticles in sunscreens raise questions of safety, Cosmos Magazine 03.03.10 

Nanosafety and the environment, Ecos Magazine, Feb-March 2010 

Nanotechnology, Australia Talks, Radio National 23.02.10

Where size matters on the new frontier, Perth Now 22.02.10 

Cautious response to technology strategy, ABC Online 23.02.10 


Reports of FoEA’s nanotechnology work in the Australian press, 2009

Can sunscreens cause cancer? New Matilda 22.12.09

Sun damage slap at cosmetics, 22.12.09

Sunscreen: Story of a cover up, 12.12.09

Turning up the heat in Copenhagen Sydney Morning Herald 12.12.09 

Dodgy Foundations, Opinion 28.11.09

What lies beneath Sydney Morning Herald Editorial 25.11.09 

Nanoparticles a ‘new asbestos’? Canberra Times 25.11.09 

Is make up bad for you? ABC Unleashed 25.11.09 

Nanotech widespread in cosmetics, report finds Sydney Morning Herald 24.11.09 

Nanoparticles in cosmetics hidden The Age 24.11.09 

Cosmetics firms under microscope The West Australian 24.11.09

Nano cosmetics Today Tonight 23.11.09 

No, no nano: Study shows damaged DNA The World Today Radio National 06.11.09 

Medicine particles could endanger cell DNA Sydney Morning Herald 06.11.09

Scientist warns of genetic danger Sydney Morning Herald 21.08.09 

Australia risks repeat asbestos tragedy New Matilda 22.06.09 

Nanotechnology, small science, big risk? Conscious Living Online 

Green groups raise nanotechnology fears Radio National AM 12.06.09

Call for control of nano silver use ABC Online 12.06.09 

Safety concerns over nanotechnology 7.30 Report ABC TV 08.06.09 

NSW pushes for nano risk labels 01.05.09

Uproar among the molecules The Australian 18.04.09 

Fears nanotechnology rules not tough enough Saturday AM Radio National 28.03.09

Science of the small may carry big risk 27.03.09

The small things in life Radio National Future Tense 05.03.09 

9am with David and Kim Sunscreens 02.02.09 


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