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The Productivity Commission drinks the biotech industry’s Kool-Aid

The Productivity Commission is the latest Government body to drink the biotech industry’s Kool-Aid, recommending that GM food labelling and states’ rights to ban genetically manipulated (GM) crops for marketing reasons be removed. In its draft report on the Regulation of Agriculture the Productivity Commission has ignored the compelling evidence from the Tasmanian and South Australian Governments, and other stakeholders, that show the...

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Study raises concerns about the impacts of nanomaterials on plants

The first multi-generational study looking at the impacts of cerium oxide nanoparticles on plant growth has found that plants are more vulnerable to toxic nanoparticles if their parents were grown in contaminated soil. The study by Ma et al. over three generations of plants found that exposure to cerium oxide nanoparticles lowered the quality of the plant’s seeds; slowed plant growth; and reduced yield and biomass. The offspring plants...

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