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Geoengineering threatens Oceans

High-risk geoengineering projects are violating UN moratoria Members of a global coalition of 195 organisations in 45 countries are raising the alarm about the threat of geoengineering to delicate, life-sustaining ocean ecosystems worldwide. The Hands Off Mother Earth (HOME) Campaign is calling on civil society and government officials worldwide to vigorously oppose marine geoengineering experiments. A recent announcement of the first open-air...

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What will the future of our food look like?

Last weekend, I attended an expert roundtable on food security hosted by the Commission for the Human Future. Everyone was in broad agreement that our current agricultural system is in crisis. Decades of intensive agriculture are eroding our soils, drawing down our aquifers and are a major contributor to our current biodiversity crisis. Inspiringly, we were also in broad agreement about the solutions. We rapidly need to transition to...

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