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GM 2.0 and its market impacts

There is currently a global push by the biotechnology industry to deregulate a variety of new genetic modification (GM) techniques – often referred to by industry as ‘gene editing’ or ‘new plant breeding techniques’. These include techniques such as CRISPR, zinc finger nucleases and oligo-directed mutagenesis. However, if these techniques were to be deregulated in Australia before being approved in key export markets the market impacts could be...

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An increasing number of people – many with no formal biological training – are genetically engineering common microbes in community labs and kitchens, posing potentially serious risks to the environment and human health and raising serious ethical questions. These individuals regard the living world as suitable for hacking, like the entirely artificial digital world. They also believe that voluntary codes of conduct are sufficient...

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GM 2.0

Want to know what ‘New Plant Breeding Techniques’ or ‘gene editing’ actually means? We’ve put together a factsheet explaining what these techniques are and why they need to be regulated.

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