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The jury is still out on the safety of nano sunscreen

A number of industry commentators have pointed to the European Commission’s (EC) Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS)’s recent Opinion on nano zinc oxide (ZnO) as evidence of its safety. However, the SCCS Opinion clearly describes how nano-zinc oxide has been shown to be more toxic and have greater potential for skin penetration than larger particles of zinc oxide.

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The Nano Sunscreen Wars

Shapeshifting stories and singing sock-puppets: inside the Government’s nano sunscreen wars

Kathryn Wilson

This is a story of an award-winning author who used his storytelling skills in his public servant day-job. It’s the story behind Australia’s nano-sunscreen wars. It’s about a smear-campaign — but not the slip-slop-slap type — dressed up as government research. It involves FOI documents that show a community group was a direct target of this campaign. 

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Safe Sunscreen Guide update

In September 2012, Friends of the Earth selected several Australia sunscreens which we hoped were free from untested and unsafe nano-ingredients. We submitted these sunscreens for testing by the Government’s National Measurement Institute, with the hope of being able to offer some non-nano sunscreen options to stay sun-safe, while avoiding participating in the nano-experiment. Sadly, all the tested sunscreen products were found to contain...

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