By Rye Senjen 27/4/06

A funny thing happened yesterday…. I was having lunch at home and the phone rings: ring ring… my friend Anna called (not her real name), on her mobile no less. She was in a shop trying to buy some face cream.

“Did I perhaps know wether the xyz brand contained those nano particles I always talked about, you know the ones that caused brain cancer in fish or whatever”

Not off hand, … so we went through the ingredient list… did it contain the word nano, did it contain the words micronized titanium dioxide, maybe the word aluminia and on and on it went. In the end we didn’t find any suspicious ‘words’, but sadly that wasn’t really enough to put my friends mind at rest, because not entirely unsurprising manufacturers are not required to label their products in any way. If they do not want to advertise that they have used some kind of nano particle in their concoction, you, the consumer will never be the wiser. ¬†And of course you are potentially putting your face and who knows what else at risk – or should I say actually the manufacturers and the government are putting your health at risk …… mmmh well mandatory labelling, so that you can make a choice, would be a minimum first step. Well, stay tuned for more….

Thanks to Emo