Odour-killing products breeding superbugs, experts warn

A new report released today by Friends of the Earth (FoE) reveals experts believe that widespread use of nano-silver could breed superbugs, leading to more Australian deaths in hospitals.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria (superbugs) in our hospitals claim over 7,000 Australian lives each year. Public health experts have called this one of the greatest health threats of our time.

“Australia’s top microbiologists are warning that the widespread use of nano-silver in ‘antibacterial’ and ‘odour-killing’ consumer products will breed superbugs,” said report lead author and nanotechnology spokesperson with FoE, Dr Gregory Crocetti.

“Nano-silver is now found in Australian shoes, socks, toothbrushes, cleaning cloths, soap, shirts, towels, fridges, washing machines, mattresses, cots, hair brushes and straighteners, pet products and even water flasks.”

“These products are available in leading Australian retailers such as K-Mart, Rebel Sport, BigW, Retravision, Priceline, Best Buy and Kathmandu.”

“Over 2 years ago, health experts joined FoE’s call to remove these dangerous nano-silver products from the market. Yet today there is still effectively no regulation of nano-silver in Australia – no safety testing and no labelling.”

“In an unprecedented attack on government’s mishandling of the nano-silver risk, Professors Turnidge, Stokes and Faunce are now calling this a policy failure.”

“Today, Friends of the Earth repeats our call for urgent government action to get these products off the market.”

Nano-silver:Policy failure puts public health at riskwas released today in Australia and the USA.


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