Victorian public school teachers reject nano-sunscreens

Victorian teachers have voted for nano-sunscreens to be kept out their workplaces. The Victorian branch of the Australian Education Union (AEU) has unanimously passed a resolution supporting calls for regulating nanoparticles and recommending that workplaces use only nano-free sunscreens. The AEU resolution recognised that nanoparticles in sunscreens represent a potential health risk to both teachers and students and are not effectively regulated. Friends of the Earth firmly supports the AEU resolution and renews our demand for government action to protect workers and children. The resolution says:
"The AEU Vic Branch:
– agrees that while nano-technology has important potential there are safety, environmental and social challenges. There is growing evidence to show that nanomaterials present unique health andsafety hazards that require nano-specific regulations and protections.
– endorses the ACTU recommendations to protect Australian workers and communities.
– recommends that workplaces use only nanoparticle free sun screen as highlighted in the Safe Sunscreen Guide produced by the Friends of the Earth.
– provides the Safe Sunscreen guide and recommendation to all workplaces. "
For comment: Elena McMaster, Friends of the Earth nanotechnology spokesperson 04095 03163


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