Nanotechnology is being heralded as the basis of the next industrial revolution, yet, amidst the hype there are serious questions about the health and environmental impacts, social and political dimensions of this powerful new technology.  The FoE nano project aims to catalyse debate on what is set to be one of the defining issues of our time.

The new nanotechnologies are potentially so powerful that we have an urgent need to understand them, and to make sure that they are developed in the public interest, under public control. This site aims to provide general information about nanotechnology developments, implications and challenges.

For the Friends of the Earth Australia policy on nanotechnology, click here.

We at Friends of the Earth believe passionately in people power. People’s voices and choices can a profound impact on decision makers, industry¬†and on the future. So we encourage you to learn about the issues, develop your own ideas about nanotechnologies, and if you share our concerns, then take action in your own way, in your own community.

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