At tomorrow’s Agriculture Minister’s Forum, State and Federal Agriculture Ministers will discuss proposed changes to our Gene Technology Regulations that will make Australia the first country in the world to deregulate genetically modified animals.

The Federal Government is proposing deregulating a range of new genetic modification (GM) techniques such as CRISPR that are being referred to as Site Directed Nucleases 1 (SDN-1). Experiments using these techniques have resulted in high animals having very low live-birth rates; abnormal sizes – rendering animals incapable of natural movement; respiratory and cardiac problems; and extra spinal vertebra. Under the Federal Government’s proposal anyone would be able to use these techniques with no regulatory oversight.

These new GM techniques pose major risks to animal welfare, the environment and human health that need to be properly assessed. Europe and New Zealand will be regulating these techniques and so should Australia.

Take action!

Contact your State and Federal Agriculture Ministers and ask them to reject the proposed deregulation of these new GM techniques – a phone call is always more effective than an email:


David Littleproud, Federal Agriculture Minister

02 6277 7630



Mick Gentleman

02 620 50218




The Hon. Niall Blair, MLC

02 8574 7190




The Hon Ken Vowles

08 8936 5680



Mark Furner MP

(07) 3719 7420




Hon Tim Whetstone

08 8226 2931



Guy Barnett, MP

(03) 6165 7678



The Hon Jaclyn Symes, MP

(03) 5783 2000



The Hon Alannah MacTiernan MP

(08) 6552-6200